What is The Yuster Group?
The Yuster Group, named for our company founder, George Yuster, is comprised of our most experienced and sought-after instructors. These instructors provide the most intense and in-depth program we offer, a program designed for the student willing to put in the considerable effort necessary to attain his or her highest possible scores.

Who are Yuster Group Instructors?
Instructors are selected to become members of this elite group after they have distinguished themselves by helping their students achieve significant score increases, earning consistently exceptional student and parent evaluations, and receiving frequent client requests. These instructors undergo extensive additional training with George Yuster himself, and only those instructors who meet his high standards and approval are certified to be Yuster Group Instructors.

How Does It Work?
Like that of our other programs, appointments with Yuster Group Instructors are one-on-one sessions. A major difference, however, is that there is no preset number of hours in the Yuster Group program. The total hours needed to reach your goal score will be determined by the instructor based on your progress during the program. An integral part of the Yuster Group program is allowing your instructor to conduct the program in the manner he or she feels is necessary for you to reach your maximum potential. All Yuster Group Instructors have extensive experience working with a wide variety of students, and it is this experience that has earned them outstanding reputations for helping students raise their scores.

What is the Commitment?
Working with a Yuster Group Instructor is a significant time and financial commitment. Instructors' rates range from $130 per hour to $345 per hour, depending upon the instructor. In order to have enough time to fully prepare for your test, you need to begin working with a Yuster Group Instructor as early as possible. Please note that we work on a first-come, first-served basis, and our Yuster Group Instructors book up extremely quickly!

For more information, please contact the ACE office at (877) 968-6223.